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12th Series of Rain Paintings

The 12th series is still in the process of being created.   

The beautiful 'Rain Paintings' are created in collaboration with mother nature.  

The 'Rain Paintings' emit a wonderful healing, peaceful, calm energy as a result of gathering the essential energy of nature.

Creating in conjunction with the rain produces wonderful layers of colors and textures combined in creative abstract patterns.  

I add different colors of paint (mostly acrylic and metallic paint) on several occasions (sometimes 20 - 40 or more layers)

during their evolution (which can take 6 months or longer) and then I decide when the paintings are complete.

Before I place the paintings outside, I paint the backsides with Kilz.

When the paintings are completed, I then wash the backs with bleach and paint another coat of

Kilz on them.

I sign the paintings, and then as a final step, I paint the from of the painting with a varnish coating. 


Pretty Pastels Rain Painting 48" x 30" - Acrylic - $500.00

A Festival of Color - 48" x 30" Acrylic - $500.00