2nd Series - Rain Paintings

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2nd Series - Rain Paintings

For the 2nd series of 'Rain Paintings' I used acrylic and water soluble oil paint.  Many of the paintings from the 2nd series I used as the base for paintings in the 3rd series of 'Rain Paintings'.  

A new idea I tried with the 2nd series was to place a couple of the 'Rain Paintings' in a vertical position.  This created a 'Drip Painting' effect.  Both of the 'Drip Paintings'  created during the 2nd series phase were used as the base for the 3rd series 'Rain Paintings'.  

I really love how all of the 'Rain Paintings' are manifesting.  They bring joy to my heart!

Thank you Mother Nature for merging with me to create these beautiful abstract paintings!


'Foreign Lands' (3rd Series) - 40" x 60" - $350.00

SOLD -Rain Painting #1 (3rd Series)- 60"x 40" - $350.00

'Planet's Heat' - 8" x 10"- Acrylic & Oil - $35.00

'Ember in Motion'- 8" x 10"- Acrylic & Oil - $35.00

SOLD - Red & Gold Planets in Space - 7" x 5" - $25.00

Coral with Pink -7" x 5" - $25.00